POLICY ANSWERS Webinar: Mission-oriented Innovation: Status and Future Opportunities for the Western Balkans

27 May 2024

The speaker of the 4th Webinar on 27 May starting at 15.00 is Mr Michael Ploder, Head of the research group for Technology, Innovation and Policy Consulting (TIP), Joanneum Research, Austria

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Joanneum Research is the coordinator of TRAMI (TRAnsnational Cooperation on the MIssions approach). The overall objective of the TRAMI project (funded through Horizon Europe by the Europan Union) is to foster the cooperation and coordination between EU-level actions and complementary national, regional and local actions in support of the implementation of the five EU missions.The mission areas of Horizon Europe are:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change, including Societal Transformation
  • Cancer
  • Healthy Oceans, Seas and Coastal and Inland Waters
  • Climate-neutral and Smart Cities
  • Soil Health and Food

Michael Ploder will deliver a presentation titled “Mission-oriented innovation: status and future opportunities for the Western Balkans”.

15:00-15:05 Welcoming
15:05-15:30 “Mission-oriented innovation: status and future opportunities for the Western Balkans” –
15:30-15:40 General Discussion and closing of the webinar
15:40-15:42 Break
15:42-16:00 Q&A with Michael Ploder (Stay online for specific questions)

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