WBC-RRI.NET webinar: Core skills for effective science communication

As organisational communication gains significance in scientific institutions, and online media continues to develop, scientists and researchers find themselves becoming more visible in public communication.

Today, they require a diverse set of science communication skills. This includes not only the ability to craft compelling project proposals and improve research papers but also to effectively explain their work to both experts and non-experts in specific disciplines. Additionally, managing direct digital communication tools has become an essential aspect of their communication toolkit. Science communication is therefore an important but luckily transferable skill and that’s what this WBC-RRRI.NET webinar is about—helping you learn how to talk about science with your peers and regular folks.

Register here and join this webinar on 27 February 2024 at 10:00-10:45 CET to explore and enhance these vital skills!

After registration, the link to attend the webinar will be communicated to all registered participants.

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