Resetting Time-Recording for Horizon Europe’s personnel Cost Rules

7 September 2023

What a difference a day makes – part II?  

How many hours make a day? In Horizon Europe, the correct answer is not 24 hours… Then what is it? 8? 7? 7,5? Hard to tell, and that’s one of the biggest issues in the all-new Horizon Europe personnel cost calculation model. More importantly, the conversions may and will have a major effect on the reportable cost, so it’s every Beneficiary’s own interest to find the most optimal solution! 

Join this short webinar session and see the pros and cons of the different solutions for converting your hourly-based time recording to days.

How to handle part-time employment? Joining or leaving during the (reporting period of the) project? Parental and sick leaves? All will be part of the show! 

This webinar will cover:   

  • Understanding the calculation protocols; 
  • Introducing the different hour-to-day conversion techniques; 
  • Discussing and showcasing the different models; 
  • Tips and hits to minimise the losses and avoid potential errors. 

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