Climate Neutrality Forum 2024  

The Climate Neutrality Forum 2024 will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 28 to 30 October 2024. It is a science-policy-practitioner forum on the challenges and opportunities for achieving climate neutrality.

This dialogue will occur in the context of the latest scientific understanding of the key drivers of climate change as well as effective policies, measures, and other interventions designed to reduce GHG emissions. It will also look at the current understanding of how greenhouse gas removals may balance emissions by mid-century. We will explore the enabling environments for actions during this critical decade including finance, regulation, and innovation. We will also consider how these are aligned with a roadmap to limit warming to 1.5C.

The Climate Neutrality Forum 2024 is a collaborative effort, based on ongoing work by leading experts, science assessment bodies and research funders. This effort will deliver a report on the latest information on decarbonisation, which serves as the framework for discussions at this event.

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