IETM Caravan Kosovo* 2023

24 October - 29 September 2023

Four years later, the IETM Caravan returns! In partnership with Qendra Multimedia and long time IETM member Teatri ODA, IETM will visit Kosovo for the very first time to explore the performing arts scene and cultural reality of Prishtina, one of the most vibrant capitals of the Balkans.    

Registrations are now open to join IETM in Kosovo on 24 – 29 October 2023

The IETM Caravan experience gives an international group of participants an opportunity to go on an intensive artistic field trip. Coinciding with the Kosovo Theatre Showcase 2023, the programme will offer a variety of theatre performances from Kosovo and abroad, panel discussions, networking sessions, and visits to key cultural venues. The Caravan will also make ample space for connecting with local artists and cultural workers from the local performing arts scene.The meeting will take place from Tuesday 24 October to Sunday 29 October and will include a trip to Prizren on the last day.


More details about the programme will be announced in May and June.


This Caravan is open to both IETM members and non-members. All profiles are welcome to join, but we especially encourage you to register if you work or are interested in theatre and you have a particular focus on programming, producing or distribution activities.

Maximum capacity: 40 participants

Registration deadline: 2 October 2023 (or whenever it reaches capacity)



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