POLICY ANSWERS Webinar: Innovating the Food System, Status and Future Opportunities of European Partnerships for the Western Balkans

27 June 2024

The recording is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5OLMe1JFsQ

EIT Food is a community that has come together to respond to the biggest issues in the food system affecting our lives. A Mission-led approach focuses the efforts on improving outcomes for people and planet. EIT Food prioritises investments, funding, advocacy, and interventions to make a real, tangible difference. Missions help to form those priorities to put a better shape and direction to solving issues such as the contribution of diet to obesity and Non-Communicable Disease, environmental harms associated with the food system and the threats to us all around food integrity and complex supply chains. 

The EIT community is pivotal to shaping the goals and direction of the Missions – why not joining and help shaping the future of the food system?

Speaker: Mirek Raba, EIT Food

27 Juni 2024

15:00-15:05 Welcoming
15:05-15:30 “Innovating the Food System: status and future opportunities of European Partnerships for the Western Balkans” 
15:30-15:40 General discussion 
15:40-15:42 Break
15:42-16:00 Common dialogue with Mirek Raba (Stay online for discussions)

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains: