Business and Art Come Together: a Webinar for Youth Artists and Cultural Workers

3 October - 2 November 2023

The webinars will be held via Microsoft Teams in the period of October to November 2023, and aim to provide youth workers, specifically youth artists (emerging or not), cultural workers, or individuals associated with any kind of artistic practices/organizations, with a training opportunity on the project’s training curriculum (comprised of 10 Modules), developed under the project’s framework.

The curriculum, hence the webinars as well, address artists’ needs in developing entrepreneurial and sustainable mindset. The participants will have the opportunity of attending theoretical and practical training on: artists’ well-being development, sustainability, promotion and collaborations’ building, funding and resources, CCS business visualization, and many others.If you are a youth emerging or established artist, cultural worker, or individual actively engaged in any kind of cultural activities/organizations, you can either choose and register for any specific webinar of your preference or choose to register for all webinars listed in the Registration Form.

Please, make sure you take into consideration the following:

1. All webinars will be implemented via Microsoft Teams and exclusively in English.

2. The webinars will be interactive and will ask for your active involvement.

3. Rules on how you can download and use Microsoft Teams are available here:…;

4. The participation in the webinars is limited and possible only upon registration.

5. The webinars will be recorded, and screenshots may be taken for promotional purposes. You will be asked, during registration, to agree with the GDPR.

Once you’ve completed your registration, you will have booked your attendance to the selected webinars. At some point, you will receive confirmation of your registration by the responsible contact person, alongside further considerations and guidelines regarding your participation and the webinars’ implementation.  Disclaimer: EPALE is a community platform with user-generated content. All user-generated content is provided as-is. The European Commission and NSS Greece does not endorse any views, opinions or advice expressed by users to this platform. Login or Sign up to join the conversation.

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