Digital Skills Festival 2024 announced by Innovation Training Park in Prizren

25 May 2024

On 25 May 2024, the Digital Skills Festival will be held in Prizren, Kosovo, where students, professors, tech enthusiasts and industry experts will come together once again. Following the success of 2023, this dynamic and impactful event is back with a new theme “Towards the Twin Transition in Kosovo.”

The event features insightful sessions, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities, showcasing the importance of fostering digital excellence. It featured panel discussions led by esteemed professors, an Innovation Expo showcasing groundbreaking ideas, and immersive training sessions. Among the workshops, those focusing on cutting-edge subjects such as 3D printing and cybersecurity garnered significant interest, offering a conducive environment for participants to engage in hands-on learning. Additionally, the festival played host to entrepreneurial meetups that facilitated the cross-pollination of ideas, creating an inspiring synergy among tech companies, startups, and visionary minds.

For more information, visit the source page of the announcement on facebook as well as the website of the ITP Prizren.

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