How to Build an Engaging visual Identity for your Horizon Europe Projects and reach your Audience – the Golden Rules

6 September 2023

Starting an EU-funded project with a compelling visual identity is paramount. A distinctive visual identity and clear visuals (e.g. graphs, tables and charts) can make your project proposal stand out and build unity amongst your consortium. It positions your project among other EU-funded projects and reflects its fundamental objectives and vision. In this webinar, the trainers will give you the golden rules for starting this “design journey” covering the proposal preparation and implementation stage of a Horizon Europe project. 

Topics covered: 

  • Let’s start from the basics! What are your project’s target groups and goals and how are they reflected by its logo and the overall visual identity?  
  • Is it a common practice to have a well-formulated design even at the proposal stage?  
  • How do we translate innovative & scientific concepts into design? How can those be reflected through appealing and clear graphs and tables? 
  • How can you design a logo without having an in-house designer? The trainers will give you the basic graphic design rules as a compass for your next logo!  
  • Why do we need a well-set visual identity and brand guidelines when the project starts?  
  • How do you acknowledge EU funding, and what rules should you consider?  
  • What design tools can assist you in the design process?  
  • Finally, have you checked trademark issues for your project name and logo? 

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