24th Gender Summit “Uniting the values of scientific excellence and social progress in knowledge, practice and communication”

22 - 23 May 2024

The 24th Gender Summit is being held ON-LINE at https://www.gender-summit.com/event/gs24/programme/  on 22-23 May 2024 (Meetyoo Platform) and then in-person on 19 November 2024 in Ottawa, Canada.

The aim of GS24 is to celebrate the positive changes that have taken place since the first Gender Summit in 2011 and, from the perspective of its theme, to examine where additional improvements are needed. The outcome will be a Roadmap for Action 2.0, which will replace the Roadmap for Action for North America agreed on by the participants of the 3rd Gender Summit (GS3), hosted in 2013 by the NSF in partnership with NSERC, CONACYT, NIH, CIHR, and Portia UK, in Association with the European Commission.

The programme will be recorded and made available to everybody who has registered for 8 weeks after 22-23 May. 

The aim of GS24 is to carry out, during and for several month after the May event, a consultation for the Roadmap for Action 2.0 which will update and replace the Roadmap from 2013 that was agreed on at GS3. GS3 was led by the NSF and funding agencies in North America.

The recommendations made then advised action to: 

1.   Reduce gender bias and discrimination in STEM employment practice

2.   Eliminate gender bias in knowledge production and application

3.   Promote diversity of thought. 

4.   Transform institutional practices and processes. 

5.   Diversify people and ideas at the highest levels of the STEM enterprise.

6.   Develop a world-class STEM talent pool

7.   Diversify future leadership

8.   Create Gender-Focused Multi-national Collaboration

Whilst it is clear that good progress has been made on most of these topics and should be celebrated, some issues persist and new ones have emerged and need fresh attention. 

Therefore, as well as presenting seven plenary sessions, three keynotes, and five parallel sessions, the GS24 programme will include on both days a consultation session to consider three emerging topics: Academic Freedom and EDI; Reproductive justice in digital world; and Responsible R&I for sustainable digital future. 

Contributing to the GS24 on-line programme are some 70 international expert speakers, who will report on new research evidence, introduce fresh analyses and insights into available data, share thoughtful reflections on the effectiveness of past interventions, and make recommendations for Roadmap 2.0 relevant to the GS24 theme.

The key topics include:

  • Strategies and actions to advance equality, diversity, and inclusion in the science knowledge ecosystem
  • Strategies for achieving transformative outcomes
  • Equity for women in science today: conclusions from a deep dive into research evidence
  • Innovations in science knowledge-making
  • Systematising representations of intersectionality dimensions in research studies
  • Optimising the benefits of diversifying science knowledge-making practice
  • Successful efforts by science institutions to recruit, retain and advance women and minorities
  • Science leaders’ reflections on a decade of institutional efforts to advance gender equality and diversity in science

Participation at the online event is free of charge.

On 19 November there will be an in-person event in Ottawa focused on the recommendations for policy. The consultation work on Roadmap 2.0 will continue until then with expected publication date in early 2025.

For more information about the programme, please refer to the following page: https://www.gender-summit.com/event/gs24/

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