PROFEEDBACK Conference “Participation in evaluation – Participatory evaluation”

1 October 2024

The PROFEEDBACK COST-Action organises its 7th conference in Tirana, Albania on 1 October 2024 on participatory evaluation practices.

The value of involving key stakeholders has become critically linked to the achievement of downstream performance outcomes and to the evaluation of outcomes and impacts. The use of participatory approaches in impact evaluation means involving stakeholders, in particular the participants in a programme or those affected by a policy, in specific aspects of the evaluation process. This involvement can take place at any stage of the evaluation process, from the design of the evaluation to the collection and analysis of data and the reporting of the study. The nature and extent of stakeholder involvement may vary between different types of evaluation, but it is increasingly important to take into account the lived experience of stakeholders and beneficiaries.

The PROFEEDBACK Action aims to foster the networking of the policy evaluation community at EU-level, raise awareness on the importance of evaluation policy research and improve its impact on policy-making.

The Action, following a bottom-up and open approach, gathers researchers and professionals from various scientific fields and sectors to present and evaluate theories, topics, tools and methods of policy evaluation.

In order to learn more about the event, including the call for abstracts (deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 June 2024; deadline for submitting full papers: 16 October 2024) and next steps, please consult the source page of this announcement and the further documents:

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