RIINVEST Institute providing inputs for National Research Programme in Kosovo*

18 April 2023

Participants at the roundtable discussion from the research community and other stakeholders, organized by Riinvest Institute, welcomed the publication of the Draft National Research Program prepared by the National Science Council 2023-2028. This activity was developed within the framework of the implementation of the Program for building capacities and supporting the implementation of the “POLICY ANSWERS” project (Horizon Europe), led by ZSI.

The participants in the discussion concluded that the Program is comprehensive focused on raising absorptive capacities and improving the environment for meaningful engagement of the research community and research institutions. Likewise, the document is expected to contribute to the increase of quantitative and qualitative outcomes of R&I in Kosovo.

In an engaged debate  (after the introductory remarks of Dr. I. Berisha, member of the POLICY ANSWERS project team, Gresa Latifi from the TUM University in Munich and Pëllumb Çollaku, a Riinvest Associate) the participants in the debate considered that before the finalisation and approval of this draft it still needs to be advanced, especially regarding clearer definition of the expected results from the research projects in the fields and programs that are envisaged to benefit from public found support. A greater selectivity in terms of intervention areas was also requested in order to create a critical mass of funds that ensures the achievement of the objectives and create difference. Among other things, it was suggested that instead of the creation of new administrative bodies, the building of capacities in existing universities and research centers and the reduction of administration burden should be favored. It was also requested that the aspects of economic convergence with the EU, regional cooperation, identification and support effective use of sources and factors of economic growth should be given more support with public founding Relative increase of funding from Kosovo consolidated budget for R&I is still modest and seriously lacking behind the urgent need to advance the role of R&I at evidence based developmental policies and higher share of Kosovo at ERA.

The Riinvest Institute will send a detailed report regarding this debate to NSC and MESTI. It is worth noting that this discussion aroused interest and was also broadcasted live via Facebook and can be watched here.

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