Digital Entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans

24 April 2024

The European Union and the Western Balkans have embarked on a journey towards a common future. Amidst the current geopolitical environment and with the strategic importance of digital technologies, this partnership has become of key significance.

Therefore, a series of opportunities have emerged for digital entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans. In this context, DIGITAL SME and 3B ICT Network will host an online workshop on the European opportunities that digital entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans could seize. These opportunities include access to EU funding, access to potential clients from all over Europe, and access to political decision-making.

The workshop will also include a discussion on the 2024 Work Programme of the 3B ICT Network, exclusively for its members. Participants are encouraged to propose various activities and collaborations that would provide added value to their digitalisation journeys. Based on this input, DIGITAL SME and the 3B ICT Network will publish a list of services for the following year that will become accessible to the DIGITAL SME and 3B ICT Network members. The overall purpose is to establish a close link between EU decision-makers and SMEs on the one side and Western Balkans digital entrepreneurs on the other.


Welcoming remarks by DIGITAL SME

Advocating for a new EU digital agenda for the Western Balkans
Antonio Grasso, Public Affairs Director, European DIGITAL SME Alliance#

Access to EU funding for the Western Balkans
Justina Bieliauskaite, Innovation Director, European DIGITAL SME Alliance

B2B networking for digital SMEs
Giulia Zampedri, Membership Services Manager, European DIGITAL SME Alliance

Closing remarks
Andrei Kelemen, Vice President for Romania, European DIGITAL SME Alliance & Executive Director, CLUJ IT Cluster

INTERNAL MEETING (3B ICT members associations only)

Closed discussion on the 3B ICT Network’s 2024 Work Programme, moderated by Andrei Kelemen

Closing remarks by DIGITAL SME

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