Call for Proposals for Topics of the POLICY ANSWERS´ Monthly Webinars

5 February - 24 April 2024

The EU-WB Policy Dialogue Platform invites proposals for Webinar topics.

If you have ideas for activities aimed at tangible progress and aligning priorities within the three thematic areas: Digital Transformation, Green Deal and Health Policy, you are invited to contact us via email at The platform aims to initiate and facilitate proposals, fostering collaborations and serving as a channel for identifying joint project activities.

Webinar Format: Webinars have a maximum duration of 40 minutes, with a 30-minute presentation and a 10-minute Q&A session. The EU-WB Policy Dialogue Platform utilises the B2match tool. We invite you to schedule discussions with speakers and other registered profiles, promoting collaboration initiatives.

Agenda: The Agenda for the first three Webinars is available here.

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