News archive – Blue Economy / Mission Oceans stakeholders in Albania: register now for the POLICY ANSWERS Innovation Management workshop

First come, first served for the places (they are free, but limited): POLICY ANSWERS announces the first of 2 workshops on Innovation Management in the Blue Economy to be held in Tirana on April 20 (9.00-16.30) with a focus on Developing Technology and Knowledge based Products and Services.

Innovation gives us new products and services. It is the life blood of enterprise competitiveness. It holds the key to addressing many of the challenges we face today for society and environment. It helps traditional industries like ‘fishing’, ‘aquaculture’, ‘tourism’ and ‘waste management’ to evolve and fuse in to a modern ‘Blue Economy’.

Learning to innovate and developing a culture of innovation is important for all organisations including SMEs and non-commercial entities. It contributes to regional competitiveness and employee retention. Managing innovation, including the inherent risks, is key to being a good innovator.

This one day course introduces the basics of innovating to produce products and services but also its role as a management process including risk analysis and culture.

Aimed at: The quadruple helix stakeholders: Enterprise managers, new product development specialists, researchers and entrepreneurs, policy makers and others involved in the Blue Economy / Oceans Mission in Albania

Date: 20th April 2023

Location (tbc): Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Tirana Pallati i Kulturës, Sheshi Skenderbej, 1010 Tirana

Trainer: Dr Lisa Cowey MBA (Innovation Expert, Oxford UK)

 Language of the workshop: English

Attendance is free but the number of participants is limited. To request a place send an email to with the subject: Blue Economy Workshop I and the following information:

  • Name and Surname:
  • Organisational affiliation:
  • Position:
  • Reason for wishing to attend (max 50 words)

Geographical focus:

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