Social Sciences for Democracy Project (SOS4Democracy)

1 September 2023 - 31 August 2027

A Training Programme for Improving Research on Illiberal Systems and Finding Ways to Build More Robust Democracies

The turn to illiberalism represents a serious threat to the future development of the European community. Although most of the recent research on illiberal politics focused on Poland and Hungary, we have seen how illiberal trends emerged in many other countries, including Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey.

The SOS4democracy project brings together research and higher-education institutions, civil society associations, and a news media organisation to develop a training program for improving research on the recent turn to authoritarian systems in Europe and beyond.

The project pursues three main objectives:

  • To develop a training-through-research program to equip researchers, journalists, and civil society activists with the conceptual and methodological tools needed to explore illiberal regimes.
  • To ensure the transfer of know-how between academic and non-academic organisations involved in pro-democracy struggles.
  • To improve the overall research & innovation capacity of all participating organisations.

Ten project partners from five countries participate in the project:

  • Institute of Criminology (Slovenia),
  • Delo, media house (Slovenia),
  • Roma Tre University (Italy),
  • Libera – Associations, names, and numbers against mafias (Italy),
  • Vrije University Brussels (Belgium),
  • IstanPol – Institute for political science studies in Istanbul (Turkey),
  • Boğaziçi University (Turkey),
  • Özyeğin University (Turkey), 
  • University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • Association of Citizens Why not? (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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