Gender Equality Plans in Kosovo*

Although Kosovo was not beneficiery of the WBC-RRI.NET project, therefore was also not part of the mapping excercise related to Gender Equality Plans, there have also been examples of GEP identified in this economy.

RIINVEST Institute

Furthermore, a study was published in 2022 examining gender dimensions within local higher education institutions (HEIs) in Kosovo. A mixed-methods approach was employed to delve into the existing perceptions and realities, combining an online questionnaire with insights gleaned from academic and management staff, alongside desk research and focus groups involving both staff and student representatives. The study navigated through various facets of gender dynamics: It uncovered a range of issues spanning policy and management, academic staff practices, and study programme design and delivery. Notably, findings underscored the need for more nuanced approaches to address gender disparities, including the development of tailored institutional strategies, implementation of gender-sensitive academic promotion criteria, and integration of gender equality into curriculum development. Through actionable recommendations, the study endeavours to steer HEIs in Kosovo towards fostering a more inclusive and equitable higher education landscape, echoing broader efforts towards gender parity in academia. The development of Gender Equality Plans is highlighted as an important objective.

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