Roadmaps on the Research Infrastructures of Western Balkans Economies

The Regional Cooperation Council as well as some ministries in the Western Balkans published roadmaps on the research infrastructure in the respective Western Balkans economy.

  1. Albania: Research Infrastructure Roadmap for Albania, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), 2022
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Research Infrastructure Roadmap for Bosnia and Herzegovina, RCC, 2022
  3. Kosovo*: Research Infrastructure Roadmap for Kosovo, RCC, 2022
  4. Montenegro: Revised Roadmap for Research Infrastructure of Montenegro
  5. Montenegro: Montenegrin Research Infrastructures Roadmap 2015- 2020, Ministry of Science, 2015
  6. North Macedonia: Research Infrastructure Roadmap for North Macedonia, RCC, 2022
  7. Serbia: Research Infrastructure Roadmap: Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, 2018
  8. Western Balkans: Western Balkans Research and Innovation Infrastructure Roadmap, RCC, 2022

Please find the Roadmap on the respective Western Balkans economy attached below.

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