Open Innovation Testbeds – Lessons learnt in EU projects

Open innovation Test Beds (OITBs) are one form of Technology Infrastructures that offer services for the development, testing and upscaling of advanced materials. The implementation of the New European Innovation Agenda, the ERA Policy Agenda Action 12 and the discussions on the Coordinated Plan on Advanced Materials illustrate the need to urgently step-up efforts to accelerate research and innovation in advanced materials. The present report explores the challenges, opportunities, best practices and recommendations to stakeholders to support the further implementation of the OITBs.

The experiences and recommendations from EU Member States summarised in this report, include some valueable lessons learnt for actors who try to transfer such an innovation support instrument to the Western Balkans.

Here some of the recommendations, but please see more details in the report.

OITBs should offer technology expertise, competences on business models, as well as regulatory and financial advice. They should focus on SMEs and their needs as their main clients and target them accordingly via Open Calls. OITBs should improve their proximity to customers with the assistance of the internal marketing departments of consortium members, a network of translators in Member States and Associated Countries where there is no presence, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the M.ERA-NET network, national certification bodies, and National Contact Points (NCPs).

Important topics for OITBs include IP protection and exploitation, knowledge valorisation, standardisation, investment advice for SMEs, etc.

The following OITB projects analysed for this report also include partners from Republic of Serbia:


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