How to find an appropriate Research Infrastructure or Host Institution for your WB Mobility Scheme Project?

Unfortunately, no inventory of research infrastructures in the Western Balkans exists, so far, neither on national nor on regional level. This is a serious drawback, since several strategic papers in the last years revealed that there is a huge amount of – often heavily underused – research infrastructures in the Western Balkans.

In order to facilitate your search for an appropriate research infrastructure in one of the Western Balkan economies which would fit in your research activities – and therefore would be attractive as host institution in the WBMS – we compiled on overview on publicly available reports and roadmaps on research infrastructures which cover all six Western Balkan economies.

Each of these documents provides an overview of the existing research infrastructure in the respective economy. Most helpful might be the list of capital equipment at purchase price higher than EUR 50,000, which is presented in the appendix of the reports, since here you get a clear picture of the respective equipment provided as such. Please note that the documents provide a full-text search capability, so with STRG + F you can check for “microscope” or else. Please understand these documents only as some kind of starting point for your query. Please use other sources for consultation, too, like colleagues, superiors etc.

Apart from these papers that address each WB economy separately, RCC also published an additional one focusing on the region at once, which offers an overview of research infrastructures by thematic areas in its chapter 1 and lists important research infrastructures in the Western Balkan region in its appendix I.

To download the Roadmaps you are interested in, you can also visit the related subpage Roadmaps on the Research Infrastructures of Western Balkans Economies.

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