How to communicate science in a world of misinformation (WBC-RRI.NET factsheet)

In an era marked by rampant misinformation and skepticism, effective science communication is crucial. Recognising this imperative, the WBC-RRI.NET Working Group 2 (WG2) has brought together scientists and science communicators from the Western Balkan region to support science education, public engagement, and related activities. Since 2022, WG2 has initiated a series of activities aimed at fostering the exchange of experiences, raising general awareness, and proposing innovative approaches.

Activity 2.7 within WG2 has specifically focused on developing a suite of tools to enhance communication skills. In this context, the present factsheet serves as a practical guide for scientists, educators, and communicators to navigate these challenging times and ensure the accurate dissemination of scientific knowledge. By emphasising transparency, building trust, and encouraging critical thinking, we can effectively combat misinformation and uphold the integrity of science communication within the Western Balkans and beyond.

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