Strategy for Science Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017-2022.

Description of the programme/policy

Starting from the fact that the time of implementation of the document “Science Development Strategy in B&H” was 2010-2015. year, there is an obligation to draft a new document that will define the strategic commitments and directions of action for the next period (2017-2022). Its existence has multiple significance in terms of defining strategic directions and activities for the next period, and in terms of the development of scientific research, research-development and innovative work. The special importance in its existence stems from the need to integrate Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European area of science, to access various European networks and funds, to apply for co-financing of science in European funds, etc

Main objective of the programme/policy

Main objectives of the Strategy are to provide strategic direction and subsequent actions and measures for science development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Specific objective of the programme/policy

The Strategy is relatively important for our anchor activities since it provides only a general framework at the national level but without an action plan.

Geographical focus:

Coordinating institution

Institution: Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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