Professional development programmes for policy stakeholders in local policy making process

Description of the programme/policy

The Institute’s head of R&D develops and implements professional development programmes for public administrations of Serbian towns and municipalities. These programmes are helping public administrations and policy makers, to develop and implement policies and measures for creative industries. Programme is imeplemented throuth Creative Economy School and it is dedicated to the yung policy makers.

Main objective of the programme/policy

Through research and professional development programmes, the Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation connects theory and practice in the creative sector to help public administrations and public cultural institutions, NGOs to develop participative policies, programmes and projects in creative industries. We insist on local initiatives that are at the same time sensitive to the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions and economically sustainable. Programme subjects: planning process in local government (culture and creative industries), mapping creative indsutries, assistement needs for local creative economy stakeholders, capacity budilign for fair policy design of measers of cultural and other public policy.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

The Institute develops innovative projects to demonstrate how local heritage and traditions can inspire contemporary cultural expressions with unique and high added value which can be economically sustainable. That way, our specific objective is to offer public administrations and cultural institutions know-how and support (guidance) in researching their local cultural expresssion in order to create conditions for new cultural expressions throuth policy instruments and develop sustanible market for them. Our work is focused on the socio-economic potential of creative industries for national, local and rural development. We are developing sustainable and fair initiatives for creative economy and boosting their impact on the transformation of places and communities.

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Hristina Mikić

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Institution: Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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