Drafting the new national education strategy 2021-2026

Description of the programme/policy

The strategy development process, supported by UNICEF technical assistance, has reflected the recommendationof the EU for consistent and consolidated evidence-based analyses, as key elements for informed policy discussions and policy development in the field of education and training.

Main objective of the programme/policy

MeS’s vision for the education sector aims at building a comprehensive education system that addresses successfully the individual needs of all children, pupils and students, treating them in a way equal and with respect for diversity

Specific objective of the programme/policy

Quality and comprehensive pre-university education that creates conditions for students to
develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​in accordance with the requirements of a democratic society, Effective and efficient management of the education system at all levels, based on
functional mechanisms for quality assurance, transparency and accountability, Comprehensive higher education that meets international quality standards,
academic integrity and transparency, and is a promoter of the country’s economic and social development

Geographical focus:

Coordinating institution

Institution: Ministry of Education and Sports-Albania

Source of information

Draft National Strategy of Education in Albania

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