EIT RawMaterials Regional Innovation Center

The EIT  RawMaterials Regional Innovation Center in Albania is a pivotal entity that plays a crucial role in fostering innovation and sustainable practices within the raw materials sector. Established with a clear vision to mobilize stakeholders within the Albanian Knowledge Triangle, it aims to support and enhance the region’s innovative capabilities in alignment with broader European strategies.

Serving as a vital link between the regional environment and the larger EIT RawMaterials network, the center facilitates the flow of information regarding various offerings, projects, and activities, ensuring that stakeholders are well-informed and engaged.

The center’s focus extends beyond the mining sector, encompassing the entire value chain of raw materials, including metals and minerals. This comprehensive approach is reflected in its ever-expanding database of contacts, which is instrumental in driving forward the agenda of innovation and sustainability in the raw materials industry, not just in Albania but as a part of a cohesive European effort.

For more information, please visit the EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub Albanian website.

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Rruga Ahmet Gashi, Elbasan, Elbasan 3001, Albania

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