EIT RawMaterials and Government of Albania collaborate to launch Regional Innovation Centre

EIT RawMaterials, in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania, announced the establishment of a Regional Innovation Centre in Albania on 23 April 2024. This partnership underscores Albania’s strategic focus on the raw materials sector as part of its Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3).

Situated in Elbasan, the Centre is planned to be an important hub for innovation, education, and business development within the raw materials domain, aiming to modernise the sector and introduce sustainable practices.

The official launch ceremony, attended by key stakeholders marked the initiation of a collaborative endeavor. With a primary emphasis on fostering collaboration and sustainability, the Centre aspires to drive regional growth, enhance entrepreneurial opportunities, and integrate Albania into broader European industrial frameworks.

For more detailed information, please refer to the source page of this announcement and the press release available here: https://eitrawmaterials.eu/eit-rawmaterials-partners-with-government-of-albania-to-launch-landmark-regional-innovation-centre/

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