Preparation of POLICY ANSWERS pilot regional mobility scheme is progressing well

Based on the successful POLICY ANSWERS Workshop on Researchers´ Mobility in Sarajevo on 14-15 September 2023, where the project gathered a lot of experience and expertise from stakeholders in the region, the project prepared a first internal draft of the scheme. As a next step, the project will address additional external regional stakeholders in order to request support in the further preparation process as well as in promoting this mobility scheme. By using these synergies and avoiding possible overlaps with already existing funding schemes, the POLICY ANSWERS pilot regional mobility scheme will be well prepared to enhance regional cooperation and sustained support in mobility-driven R&I and – in doing so – accelerating sustainable economic growth, societal resilience and convergence of the Western Balkans region with the EU.

With an indicative total budget of 100,000 EURO, the POLICY ANSWERS pilot regional mobility scheme will foster brain circulation and discourage brain drain from the Western Balkans at an early stage of the researchers’ careers. Additionally, the scheme will promote and support the Open Access use of the huge amount of underused research infrastructure (facilities, resources and services) across the Western Balkans (find further information here). These activities will actively support the further integration of the Western Balkans in the European Research Area (ERA).

The POLICY ANSWERS pilot regional mobility scheme is expected to be launched by 1 April 2024. It will build the ground for a follow-up to be funded by regional or international stakeholders. It is foreseen that all thematic research areas will be eligible (including Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and arts-based research).

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