POLICY ANSWERS presented on the EU Opportunity Week

The EU Opportunity Week was held in Serbia from 21st to 26th June 2023, providing citizens with the chance to explore different sectors and opportunities presented by the European Union. Sessions and debates took place in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Niš, covering areas such as economics, business, education, youth, sports, culture, media, civil society, local development, green transition, and agriculture.

On the opening day dr Sanja Popović Pantić, Head of the Science and Technology Policy Research Center from Institute Mihajlo Pupin presented POLICY ANSWERS highlighting what the project is about and the opportunities it offers, e.g. the main topics of the capacity building activities in Serbia and how they improve Serbia’s readiness to join the EU. She highlighted concrete benefits for the Serbian R&I stakeholders.

EU Opportunity Week provided valuable information to Serbian citizens about the opportunities offered by the European Union and facilitated connections with relevant stakeholders across various fields.

Source of the photos: Euro Info Center, Belgrade, Serbia


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