Western Balkans European Research Area (ERA) Country Reports 2023

With the Pact for Research and Innovation, the European Commission has set the goal to prepare annual ERA Country Reports for each Member State and for the countries associated to Horizon Europe. The reports provide information on the progress of the implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda, in the respective ERA priority areas and the ERA actions to which the economies have committed themselves as well as other qualitative information on the implementation processes. Quantitatively, the reports are based on ERA Performance indicators.

Just recently, the European Commission published the ERA Country Reports for all Member States and all Associated Countries for the reporting year 2023. This includes ERA Country Reports of the Western Balkan’s integration into the European Research Area (ERA). These reports provide an overview of the current state of the respective Western Balkans economy’s progress and its challenges related to ERA integration since the establishment of the new ERA and the establishment of the new ERA Monitoring Mechanism.

The POLICY ANSWERS project has prepared the ERA Country Reports for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo* and North Macedonia with the support of external experts. For Montenegro and Serbia (and other reports), another subcontractor of the European Commission was responsible.

This webpage gives you access to all the Western Balkans ERA Country Reports for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia in the reporting year 2023.

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