[PRESENTATION PA CONF. SEPT. 2023] Smart Cities Mission – Sarajevo, Elbasan and Podgorica on their Way to become Climate Neutral and Smart Cities (Green Deal)

Jasmin Ademovic, the President of the City Council of the City of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented an inspiring topic as part of the “Best Practice Highlights: Lessons and Success Stories” during the POLICY ANSWERS conference on “Policy Dialogue on Aligning Priorities in the Western Balkans.”

The Smart Sarajevo Initiative: Pioneering Innovation

At the heart of this initiative are innovative ideas and solutions for a smarter Sarajevo. It’s a collaborative endeavor involving prominent and inspirational citizens and experts from various fields, working together to transform the city into a hub of innovation and sustainability.

Integrated Smart Solutions for Better Living

The initiative encompasses a range of projects and ideas, including the SMART URBAN PLANNING TOOL by Enova d.o.o., SMART PARKING FOR BETTER OLD SARAJEVO by Deloitte d.o.o., and Integrated Smart Solutions for Better Living by CET Energy d.o.o. These projects are designed to enhance the quality of life, improve urban planning, and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient city.

The Challenges

While the vision is grand and the projects promising, Sarajevo faces certain challenges:

1. The Political System: Adapting to smart solutions and innovation within the context of the existing political system can be complex. It requires cooperation and alignment with political authorities.

2. Coordination: The integration of smart solutions across different sectors and agencies necessitates robust coordination. Ensuring that various initiatives work harmoniously can be a formidable task.

3. Clear Outline and Goals: Having a clear roadmap and well-defined objectives is vital. Transparency and shared vision are essential to guide the city’s transformation effectively.

The Path Forward

Sarajevo’s journey toward becoming a smarter city is marked by innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision of progress. The challenges faced are not unique but serve as stepping stones toward a brighter future.

The Smart Sarajevo Initiative is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of collective action. By navigating the challenges of the political system, improving coordination, and setting clear goals, Sarajevo is on its way to becoming a city where innovation thrives, and the quality of life soars. Jasmin Ademovic’s presentation serves as a source of inspiration and a reminder that the pursuit of a smarter, more sustainable city is a journey worth undertaking.