Open Data Maturity (ODM) Reports 2023

The Open Data Maturity (ODM) assessment is an annual exercise conducted to measure the progress of European countries in promoting and facilitating the availability and reuse of public sector information.

The four dimensions of open data maturity include:

  • (1) the level of development of national policies promoting open data,
  • (2) the features and data made available on national data portals,
  • (3) the quality of the metadata on national data portals, and
  • (4) initiatives to monitor the reuse and impact of open data.

The purpose of the ODM assessment is to evaluate the development of countries in making public sector information available and stimulating its reuse. The landscaping exercise offers a benchmarking and learning tool for use at both the national and European levels. The results of the assessment support countries in better understanding their relative level of maturity compared with other
countries and their year-on-year progress and in identifying further areas for improvement.

Factsheets are being developed for the following Western Balkans:

For more information about the results, scores for all participating countries, and links to download the report, method paper, country factsheets, and accompanying questionnaire data refer to the source page of this documents: Open Data in Europe 2023 |

Thematic domains:

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