Yes WE Can – The Voices of Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

In this video, ten distinct entrepreneurial journeys are showcased, each originating from diverse locations and backgrounds. These narratives encompass various entrepreneurial endeavours, from promoting female entrepreneurship and combating stereotypes in Greece to the modernisation of a family-owned textile business in Italy. Similarly, the stories feature businesses working on water treatment in Turkey or startups in Denmark with a mission to change the startup landscape and empower women in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the stories extend to organisations in Italy supporting women in male-dominated micro-enterprises and Spain’s medical practice, which is a pioneering personalised radiotherapy for cancer treatment. Other inspiring entrepreneurial journeys involve robotics in Spain, focusing on sustainable microelectronics soldering technology, an online marketplace in India connecting plant enthusiasts and fostering sustainable urban living, a centre for assistive therapy with horses in Spain, and a Women Business Association in Kosovo which works tirelessly to advance women’s economic empowerment and gender equality.

While these entrepreneurial journeys vary significantly in their industry focus and geographical origins, they share common elements. In each story, there is a strong emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Moreover, the entrepreneurs demonstrate remarkable resilience and a passion for driving change in their respective fields, all contributing to the cause of empowering women in entrepreneurship and fostering positive transformation within their communities and industries.