WEgate Peer-to-Peer Webinar ‘Helping women entrepreneurs unleash their potential!’, 02.06.2022

The webinar ‘Helping women entrepreneurs unleash their potential!’, focuses on peer learning as a powerful tool for strengthening cooperation, knowledge sharing and motivation to incentivise women’s entrepreneurship. Two inspirational speakers who made it into the “Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise” share experiences on how they followed their passion and convictions to empower women entrepreneurs and how they overcame their challenges by becoming role models in women’s entrepreneurship.

Patricia Martinez Montesinos, Board Member, Co-Founder and President of FE+MALE think tank based in Zurich, Switzerland, offers an insight into her career and the initiative “Transforming Research Outcomes into Actions”, which helps to identify and mitigate gender gaps in the entrepreneurial market. She explains how this initiative has offered real-life solutions for start/ups, public and private institutions, academia and society in general, addressing female and male entrepreneurs alike to enact change.

Eri Pavlaki, Co-founder and CEO of Women Do Business, shares her own daily experience and strategies in promoting and mentoring women’s entrepreneurship and the elimination of stereotypes, counselling companies on how to lead gender-inclusive policies and gender-balanced hiring while inspiring and motivating women to start their businesses.