WEgate Peer-to-Peer Webinar: ”Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day”

The video features a Peer Learning Webinar focused on empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting their socio-economic empowerment. This event aimed to help participants uncover effective practices employed by various European organisations supporting women in starting and growing businesses while empowering them on a broader scale. Attendees gained valuable insights into strengthening practices, and fostering coordination and collaboration within the women entrepreneur community. Speakers emphasised the significance of increasing the number of women in decision-making positions, advocating for gender equality, financial support, and improved work-life balance. The webinar also offered strategies for advancing women entrepreneurs and promoting their socio-economic empowerment. It underlined the importance of embracing emotional intelligence and personal and professional growth strategies for women entrepreneurs. The video serves as a valuable resource for those interested in women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment, emphasising collaboration and good practices in a changing business landscape.