WEgate Peer-to-Peer Webinar 19.05.2021

The video is from the Peer Learning Webinar titled “Women Entrepreneurs Benefiting from Inclusive Support in Innovation, Investments, and Transatlantic Networking”. This third webinar is part of the WEgate community’s ongoing efforts to empower women economically, bringing together exceptional women and supporting organisations dedicated to nurturing women’s entrepreneurship. The Peer Learning Webinars are part of a comprehensive toolkit to strengthen practices, collaboration, and a culture of learning within the community. The 54 participants in the event focused on the crucial role of women’s entrepreneurship organisations in influencing policies, offering networking opportunities, and creating a dynamic and diverse investment ecosystem. Furthermore, they covered the opportunities for trans-Atlantic networking specific to women in business. It also aimed to explore how public support and role models encourage more women to participate in business and promote an inclusive approach to innovation.

The webinar was designed to encourage discussions and provide a platform for learning and sharing, as an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to gain insights, connect with inspiring individuals, and discover strategies for success. It showcases WEgate community’s efforts to support women entrepreneurs and foster a culture of empowerment and inclusivity. The information and experiences shared in this webinar aim to inspire and guide women on their entrepreneurial journeys.