WEgate Peer-learning Webinar: Empowering women through skills development!

WEgate’s peer-learning webinar, ‘Empowering women through skills development’, explores the transformative journey of women’s economic empowerment. Hosted by WEgate, this webinar connects women across Europe to explore upskilling and reskilling opportunities. It emphasises the importance of skills training and entrepreneurship, showcasing how these are critical for women’s health, well-being, and income generation, especially in the face of rapid technological and digital transformations affecting jobs. This collaborative initiative involves a consortium of seven partners from six countries, including Italy, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Portugal. Together, they have created a digital training Atlas named ‘DITA’ to catalogue and connect various training programs focused on digital transformation. ‘DITA’ is a valuable resource that helps users discover relevant courses and forge partnerships to empower women and businesses for a brighter future. This effort aligns with the vision that women’s economic empowerment is a ‘transformational process,’ boosting productivity, increasing economic diversification, and promoting income equality and other positive development outcomes.