WEgate Motivational café – reach your potential – 19 November 2021

This video is from the webinar organised by WEgate in November 2021, under the title “WEgate Motivational Café – Reach Your Potential”, focusing on women entrepreneurs and supporting organisations working on this matter. The online gathering brought together 18 attendees from various European countries to delve into the multifaceted psychological essentials and how they impact motivation and goal achievement. The motivational café was moderated by the founder of Uella – Women Founders Emotional Care. Participants in this event had the opportunity to share best practices and experiences, gain insights into what motivation means for women entrepreneurs, and discover how to maintain their drive on the path to success. They emphasise the significance of understanding one’s psychological needs, recognizing the hunger for stimulus, and how these factors influence motivation. As entrepreneurship is known for its challenges, loneliness, and emotional stress, this event highlighted the value of sharing experiences, learning from peers, understanding their needs, and encouraging one another to attain new levels of success in both business and life. This event was part of the broader “Pure Learning” series by WEgate, a project dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs throughout Europe, not only in the intellectual and business aspects but also in the emotional and motivational dimensions. The conversation brought up the importance of understanding and addressing these aspects, especially in the context of the pandemic’s impact on women entrepreneurs.