My start-up story

Fund for Innovation and Technological Development beneficiaries offer testimonials of their experience managing innovative businesses and/or innovation projects. Learn more about:

–   The startup story of Aleksandar Savevski, founder of SiMind, is a story of an upgrade to current artificial intelligence technologies which enable it to constantly learn, “evolve” emotions and increase efficiency at least 70 times more than the machine learning methods used today. 

–   The startup story of Marjan Gushev, founder of Innovation, a wireless device which can do long-term ECG monitoring (ECGalert) and even early detection and prevention of heart attacks in humans.

–   The startup story of Jasna Stoimirovska-Velichkov, founder of Arel Neuromarketing, that uses neuroscience and specific technologies such as encephalography (EEG) to register the electrical impulses of the brain neurons to understand consumer behaviour.

       – The Solar Data Collector, a set of hardware and software components that serves for calculating the energy that photovoltaic panels can produce at a given location

–   The startup story of Marjan Bakrevski, founder of Pivara Bakrevski – Bitola.
“Craft brewery – From barrel to mug” is the first project that #FITR supported in the frame of the call “Technological development for accelerated economic growth”, digitising all company operations.

–   DRONOPS is a startup that deals with digitisation and rationalisation of agricultural operations by applying drone technology. 

–   David Pavlovski, owner of KIIMO, a fast delivery service of a package by courier at the most affordable price, using the most favourable and environmentally friendly routes along with insurance, 24/7 customer support, a high level of privacy and flexible payment methods. 




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