A Journey Through Transformative Innovation Policy

A lecture by Professor Ed Steinmueller from the University of Sussex (UK) gives introductory insights into the Transformative Innovation Policy theory and its vast potential for positive change in everyday life. The lecture is part of the Global Lecture Series by the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TICP), a multi-country initiative dedicated to how policymakers, academics and funding agencies can orientate science, technology and innovation towards transition and a more sustainable future.

Ed Steinmueller is an economist who received his PhD from Stanford University in 1987. His professional life has been divided between Stanford, Maastricht University and SPRU at the University of Sussex. Throughout his career, he has analysed the interaction between society and information and communication technologies. He has also been engaged with policy questions – including regulation – concerning science, industrial policy, and social well-being. In recent years, he has been deeply involved with efforts to imagine new approaches to science, technology and social action that would support a transition toward a more environmentally and economically sustainable world, principally through the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium.