The Serbian Science and Diaspora Collaboration programme

Description of the programme/policy

The Serbian Science and Diaspora Collaboration programme enables scientific research organizations to develop cooperation with the Serbian diaspora and improve their capacity through short-term visits of researchers from Serbia to diaspora experts and support for joint activities. programme establishes scientific cooperation, knowledge exchange, joint work on projects, scientific papers, researches and patents, planning and widening of the collaborative network between researchers from Serbia and their counterparts from diaspora.

Main objective of the programme/policy

The main objective of the Serbian Science and Diaspora Collaboration programme is to strengthen scientific and research capacities in Serbia through collaboration between scientists and researchers living abroad (in the diaspora) and those in Serbia. The programme aims to create a platform for knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, and cooperation in research and development projects, which will ultimately contribute to the development of Serbia’s scientific and technological potential.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

The specific objectives of the programme are: To establish sustainable cooperation between Serbian scientists and researchers in the diaspora and those in Serbia
To support joint research and development projects in priority areas of research and innovation
To provide opportunities for capacity building and knowledge transfer through workshops, seminars, and training programmes
To encourage the participation of young researchers in the programme and promote their career development in Serbia
To raise awareness and promote the importance of scientific collaboration between Serbia and the diaspora.

Time frame

2019-2020, postponed due to COVID 19 pandemic

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