The Programme for the Development of e-Government in the Republic of Serbia

Description of the programme/policy

The programme for the Development of E-Government in the Republic of Serbia 2020-2022 is a strategic plan aimed at modernizing and improving the delivery of public services in Serbia through the use of digital technologies. With the implementation the programme is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration through the use of information and communication technologies. The e-Government programme is a long-term initiative, with specific goals and action plans being periodically updated to reflect changing priorities and technological advancements.

Main objective of the programme/policy

Its main objectives include improving access to public services, increasing transparency and accountability, reducing corruption, and enhancing citizen participation in government. The programme also aims to promote innovation and digitalisation in the public sector, while ensuring the protection of personal data and respecting the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

Specific objectives of the programme include following: Developing a national e-government strategy and action plan, Improving the quality and availability of e-government services, Enhancing the capacity of public institutions to deliver e-government services, Establishing a legal and regulatory framework to support e-government initiatives, Fostering partnerships between public and private sectors to promote innovation and collaboration

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