Programme “Preparation for Negotiations in the Process of Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union, in the Field of Environmental Protection – ENVAP3”,

Description of the programme/policy

The programme relates to preparations for the negotiation process assessment to the EU.

Main objective of the programme/policy

The overall objective of the programme ENVAP3 is that Serbia has successfully opened and closed the environmental negotiation chapter (Chapter 27) and is prepared to implement the EU environment and climate policy. The project objective is that the Ministry of Environmental Protection has the ability to manage the EU environmental approximation process and efficiently prepare and take part in the upcoming EU accession negotiations for Chapter 27.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

The project objectives are three, namely
to support the negotiations process, to support communication on the negotiation process, and to support the Serbian Environmental Agency in management of environmental information relating to Chapter 27.

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

Source of information

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