Programme of the XV Winter School of Science Ivanova Korita, Lovćen, 17-19. March 2023.

Description of the programme/policy

In order to improve the scientific literacy of Montenegrin citizens and interest young people in natural sciences, Prona organises the Winter School of Science. Lecturers from the country and the world, with the help of assistants, teach young talents the methodology of scientific and research work and encourage their creative potential in the direction of devoting themselves to a scientific career.

Main objective of the programme/policy

At this School, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of scientific research in the fields of: physics, mathematics, biology, astronomy, electronics and computing, chemistry and medicine. The participants will receive topics that, with the advice and help of the mentor, they will process and thus go through all the steps of the research process: getting to know the topic, reviewing the literature, forming and testing assumptions, designing and performing experiments, defining new terms, drawing conclusions, and finally, writing and presentation of work.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

Through practicums, exercises, independent work, but also interactive lectures, high school students acquire knowledge in special areas of fundamental sciences, and the general public is made aware of the importance of investing in young talents and their future scientific career. The Wnter School of Science produced winners of international competitions, doctoral students of prestigious world universities and gained significant public attention.

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Jovan Mirković


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