National Strategy for Culture 2019-2025

Description of the programme/policy

The strategic document seeks to drive the continuation of investments in the development, protection and promotion of art and cultural heritage, working among other things to strengthen the creative industry as a contemporary development trend through a combination of creative skills, business and application of technology, in order to create emerging markets competing with global industries.

Main objective of the programme/policy

NSC 2019-2025 and its Action Plan aim at conceiving a roadmap for the development of the culture, cultural heritage and creative industry sector in order to create favourable conditions for individual, social and state development.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

It has 4 policy objectives:

  1. Improving and expanding cultural markets.
  2. Preservation of cultural heritage
  3. Promoting cultural values of the Albanian arts
  4. Designing and implementing an educational platform.

Geographical focus:

Coordinating institution

Institution: Ministry of Culture-Albania

Source of information

National Strategy for Culture 2019-2025

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