Directions for the development and improvement of youth policy

Description of the programme/policy

As part of the “Direction for the Development and Improvement of Youth Policy”, the Ministry of Sports and Youth in Montenegro implements a series of activities and programmes aimed at improving the position of young people in society and their active participation in various fields.

Main objective of the programme/policy

The aim of this policy is to enable young people to actively participate in social life, improve their position and development, as well as contribute to the development of the community as a whole.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

  1. Increase youth participation in decision-making processes at the local and national level.
  2. Develop programmes and projects that will help improve the education, employment, and social inclusion of young people.
  3. Develop organisations that will support the development and progress of young people.
  4. Promote a healthy lifestyle among young people and improve their health.
  5. Support the development of culture and arts among young people.
  6. Support the development of sports activities and promote sports as a way of life.

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