Digital entrepreneurial nest and Industry 4.0 in Montenegro (Dignest)

Description of the programme/policy

On the basis of the strategy of smart specialisation in Montenegro, two areas were chosen for which it is considered that University of Montenegro and University Donja Gorica have the greatest need to develop their capacities, in which KCCG is one of eight partners from Montenegro.
These are: Sustainable and health tourism and Sustainable agriculture and the food value chain

Main objective of the programme/policy

The programme is focused to support modernisation of HEIs in Montenegro by enhancing their cooperation with wider businesses in order to maximise the benefits from digital technologies in priority areas of agriculture and health while ensuring that students graduates, future experts and the workforce are adapting to the digital area.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

Objective 1: Strengthening the relation between HEIs and national economy in Montenegro through creation of MNE ACADEMIC HUB strongly connected with national ecosystem, capitalising from excellence in research and available capacities in priority fields of agriculture and health, and other initiatives rooted in Smart Specialisation Strategy

Objective 2: ENHANCEMENT OF THE LEVEL OF COMPETENCIES AND SKILLS of staff members from HEIs by sharing experience, expert knowledge and digital skills for local economy
respecting the diversity of national, EU and global industries, challenges and the level of innovations

Objective 3: STRENTHENING THE QUALITY OF HE through new forms of practical training schemes and study of digitised labour market in priority fields of agriculture and health

Objective 4:Strengthening INTERNATIONALIZATION OF HEIs, including networking with other digital innovation hubs and competency centres, sharing knowledge and complementing expertise

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Ljiljana Radulović, Phd

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