Development Strategy of the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance, 2014 – 2018

Description of the programme/policy

The Strategy provides for three strategic objectives, and for each of the strategic objectives there are seven programmes, within which activities will be implemented that will result in reaching HEA’s objectives and mission. Strategic objective 1 programmes: labour market – In the forthcoming
period it should focus on monitoring the implementation of the adopted documents, on reacting to difficulties in the implementation, and on future reforms. The Bologna Process, as a global reform framework for higher education, the development of qualifications frameworks, in particular
development and implementation of the framework for qualifications in higher education, the establishment of links between higher education and the labour market and expressing the purpose of education more clearly through learning outcomes on both the level of study programmes and the level
of each subject, are the activities that HEA should focus on in the future, in line with its competences. HEA should establish an action system for education policies with processed information and reports that will be the result of expert analyses.
Strategic objective 2 programmes: the quality system of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been established and which is based on internal quality assurance systems (higher education institutions), external quality assurance systems (ministries, agencies) and agencies’ quality assurance systems, should be further developed and improved. Defining the roles of each of the stakeholders has proved to be a key challenge. The legislation framework (especially in certain cantons in the FBiH) has proved to be insufficient for the initiation and completion of accreditation procedures. Given the fact that HEA has major competences in the area of accreditation, what lies ahead is building its own quality assurance system, with the focus on working with experts. Cooperation with higher education institutions is also important and HEA should continue with it and enhance it.
Strategic objective 3 programmes: The strategic objective referring to HEA’s recognisability on both national and international level is extremely important, given the role of HEA in higher education reforms. On the one hand, HEA has to prove to be a credible partner to higher education institutions, students, their parents, the labour market and other higher education stakeholders. On the other hand, HEA should also be recognised on international and especially European level, so that its decisions are considered credible on international level. In order to achieve this, HEA should establish and develop its own quality assurance system, its own strategic planning system, procedures, public communication system. It is also necessary to strengthen HEA institutionally, with additional personnel and by training civil servants.

Main objective of the programme/policy

Higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, qualifications, knowledge, skills and competences are in line with the needs of society and the labour market.
Quality assurance and quality culture system in higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina is developed and enhanced.
HEA is recognised on national and international level.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

Analysing and implementing all Bologna principles, Analysing study programmes and awarded qualifications, Establishing and strengthening cooperation with key stakeholders (chambers of commerce, CIP, institutes, employers), Establishing international cooperation in development (project preparation and implementation), Giving advice and providing support in higher education development
Strengthening internal quality assurance systems of higher education institutions, Analysing and providing recommendations for improvement of legal provisions and implementing
regulations in quality assurance, Precisely defining roles of external quality assurance stakeholders, Strengthening cooperation with competent education authorities (building network of contacts), Supporting experts and expert evaluation system, Updating databases, Participating in accreditation of higher education institutions and study programmes
International cooperation and projects to ensure recognisability and reliability of HEA in EHEA (participating in SEE, regional and other initiatives, …), Completing HEA external evaluation process (ENQA, EQAR, …), Strengthening HEA recognisability and external communication (academic communities, competent education authorities, students, general public…), Ensuring HEA recognisability and accountability in general public, Introducing quality standards in HEA, Strengthening internal communication system and internal procedures 3.7.Strengthening HEA capacity (human, material and technical).

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