Communication Strategy for Informing Public about Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union

Description of the programme/policy

Coordination of the EU assistance to BiH . The new approach is about the involvement of all institutions of BiH
as champions in the communication process within their scope of work and purview, and DEI as focal point. A
successful outreach on emerging obligations, processes and implications demand synergy in communication with other communication partners (institutions at all levels, non-governmental organisations, EUD, EUSR and diplomatic and consular offices of Member States). The Strategy outlines a communication approach, target publics, main messages, channels and tools in line with the challenges of the European integration process for a better understanding of the process. Annual action plans will set out in detail the objectives, deadlines, funds needed, indicators and holders for every concrete activity, in line with priorities for the timeframe as specified.

Main objective of the programme/policy

The Strategy aims at facilitating better understanding of the European integration process allowing the public to form positions on the BiH’s accession to the EU, based on verified and timely information.

Specific objective of the programme/policy

Openness and transparency of institutions/holders of communication activities in the European
integration process and their continuous mutual information exchange. Synchronised communication of stakeholders /partners on BiH’s accession process. Involvement and interest of targeted publics. Understanding of the European integration process. Understanding of reform activities.

Time frame

Application of the Communication Strategy kicks off with the candidate status granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the new strategic approach will be valid until the membership in the EU.

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Thematic domains:

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