Western Balkans Alumni Association

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    WBAA research team aims to explore and propose research opportunities relevant to WBAA in collaboration with other WBAA teams or with other interested parties. In addition, this team also focuses on the promotion of research findings and recommendations, on seeking and advertising relevant research through the WBAA network and lastly on the support of other research efforts within the network.

  • Education

    Advocate for modernization and improve the quality of higher education in the region and empower young people of the Western Balkans on their academic and career development towards successful employment

  • Youth

    Brings together many relevant actors in the WB to make sure that the young people’s voices in the region are heard loud and clear. Focuses on: Student rights in WB6: benefits, duties, tasks and responsibilities of students in the region; mapping needs and addressing specific issues through advocacy and publicity campaigns; engaging WBAA members, e.g., making awareness raising videos; advocating for the rights of students who seek a balance between education and work.

  • Underrepresented Groups and Gender Equality

    Social inclusion in higher education: focusing on educational equity, equal opportunities for and inclusion of marginalised groups and rights of underprivileged groups in terms of their access to quality education; promotion of the successful social inclusion component of the Erasmus+ Programme. 

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