Univesity of Zenica 

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    The University of Zenica, through internationally recognized study programmes, continuously develops education and scientific research work, creates young people who, with their superior competencies, will be equally involved in the Bosnian, European and global space.

  • Education

    The University of Zenica is a public institution with 8 faculties, an institute and several centers and offices to support research, competence and career development, and students with special needs.

  • Culture

    The Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zenica has a department of culture where this area is studied. The department itself implements projects in the field of culture, organises scientific and professional conferences and panel discussions.

  • Youth

    The University of Zenica is a higher education public institution that gathers the largest number of young people. Considering the scope of its activity, young people are the focus of the university's work. 

  • Healthy Societies

    As a organisational unit of the University of Zenica, the Faculty of Medicine organises and conducts classes in medicine and healthcare, the field of basic, clinical and public health sciences. 

  • Underrepresented Groups and Gender Equality

    The University of Zenica established the Center for Gender Equality in 2021 and adopted the Gender Equality Plan. Numerous activities were undertaken in order to promote gender equality and implement the action plan.

Address / Location

Fakultetska 3, Zenica, BiH 

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